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Facebook Custom Emoticons

Copy and paste the code in chatbox or message. Use space between them.

New Emos/Smiles for Facebook chat/message

Facebook Smiley Dollar Emoticon [[]] Facebook Smiley Coffee Emoticon [[f9.coffee1]] Facebook Smiles Crying Emoticon [[f9.cry]]
[[f9.dull]] [[f9.giggle]] [[f9.inlove1]]
[[f9.kiss1]] [[f9.mail]] [[]]
[[f9.punch]] [[f9.rain1]] [[f9.redflower1]]
[[f9.rofl1]] [[f9.think]] [[f9.wonder]]
[[f9.adore]] [[f9.angel]] [[f9.angry]]
[[f9.bomb]] [[f9.bowl]] [[f9.brb]]
[[f9.cake]] [[f9.callme]]
[[f9.clap]] [[]]
[[f9.confused]] [[f9.curllip]]
[[f9.devilface]] [[]]
[[f9.ghost]] [[f9.inlove]]
[[f9.kiss]] [[f9.laugh]]
[[f9.baloons]] [[f9.candle]] [[f9.cakepiece]]
[[f9.billiard]] [[f9.fastfood]] [[]]
[[f9.heart]] [[f9.skull]] [[f9.heartbreak]]
[[f9.lying]] [[f9.stary]] [[f9.neutral]]
[[]] [[f9.thumbsdown]] [[f9.plate]]
[[f9.rain]] [[f9.sun]] [[f9.rainbow]]
[[f9.rofl]] [[f9.sunrise]] [[f9.rose]]
[[f9.rosedown]] [[f9.teddy]] [[f9.shock]]
[[f9.shutmouth]] [[f9.tongue1]] [[f9.shy]]
[[f9.silly]] [[]] [[f9.ring]]
[[f9.sleepy]] [[]]    

Facebook Original Emoticons

Smile :) :-) :] =) Laugh :D :-D =D
Frown :( :[ :-( =( Angel O:) O:-)
Unsure :/ :-/ :\ :-\ Gasp :O :o :-O :-o
Upset >:O >:-O >:o >:-o Wink ;) ;-)
Cry :'( Heart <3
Packman :v Kiki ^_^
Tongue :P :p :-P :-p =P Glasses 8) B) 8-) B-)
Devil 3:) 3:-) Sunglases 8| B| 8-| B-|
Curly Lips :3 Confused o.O O.o
Kiss :-* :* Squint -_-
Grumpy >:( >:-( Shark (^^^)
Penguin <(") Robot :[]
Putnam :putnam: 42 :42:
Thumbs up (y) poop :poop:

Somewherein Blog Emoticons in Facebook Chat

[[x9lol]] [[x9chup]] [[x9sad]]
[[x9hasi]] [[x9obak]] [[x9cry]]
[[x9cham]] [[x9khikz]] [[x9angry]]
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